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Posted by on May 26, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks | numbers have risen through the roof numbers have risen through the roof

It is known that strong Instagram, if users and traffic in question, are their applications to iPhone and recently Android. But as web version manages to drag and draw people, and if you did before when it was not yet acquired by and when there was only for IOS, now more so.

And that is reflected in the numbers. In March, had little more than 8 million monthly unique visitors, number in April rose to 14.6 million, according to comScore numbers. And the reasons for this rise of almost 80% are quite clear: the application for Android and the announcement of the purchase by Facebook arrived a few days difference, increasing exposure and as much good service to millions people.

Now, although the numbers are good, probably the owners of the company are with a question mark in his eyes because the numbers in the pocket of his future mother company have been steadily downhill. That on one hand, on the other, the launch of the Facebook Camera , IOS application that makes Instagram comes to racing and doing the same thing.

What is the purpose of reaching an agreement to purchase a product, and then launch a similar one? Only on Facebook know the answer.

Link: Instagram picked up 78 Percent in April uniques more – thank you, Facebook (Venture Beat)

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