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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Hardware News |

Intel adds support for the Alliance for Wireless Power

Intel adds support for the Alliance for Wireless Power

The (A4WP) just announced that they are adding a new member to its board of directors, and that partner is none other than Intel. The chipmaker firm now sit at that table by Qualcomm, Samsung, and Broadcom, among others.

Dr. Kamil Grajski, chairman of the A4WP, welcomed and the contribution that they make in seeking to extend the technology to transfer energy wirelessly. On the Intel side, Navin Shenoy said that the company strongly believe in specification, “particularly in the use of resonance magnetic fields close”, which would allow future devices to carry different types done “almost automatically. “

The main focus has A4WP develop a new technology to transfer power wirelessly, and in this way change the manner in which some devices are recharged indoors (for example, inside of a car), or on the same non-metallic surface and to multiple devices simultaneously. In fact, one of their slogans is “The technology is ready to take the next step: wireless power”.

Already more than 40 companies around the world supporting the initiative, among which are also mentioned other giants like HTC or LG. More information about all the work is also available on the official website of the A4WP .

Link: Intel Joins A4WP Board (A4WP)


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