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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel Announces Xeon S1200 Series SoC “Centerton”

For several months we know that plans to launch its new soc Centerton market for low-power servers, and today finally become a reality.

Intel has announced its new S1200 Series SoC “Centerton”, until recently known as Atom S1200 Series , but given the low popularity of the brand Atom, Intel has decided to market them under their brand reliable Xeon identifying the rest of their server products .

As stated on previous occasions, the SoC Xeon S1200 Series are based on micro-architecture (execution order), but we can say that this is itself fully functional versions of previously released SoC Cloverview (Clover Trail platform for tablets) because unlike Cloverview, has enabled all its features: support 64-bit memory with ECC error correction and hardware virtualization, fundamental characteristics for use in server environments.

Intel has accustomed us to a few days after announcing their products these commercially available, so it is quite likely to be available next week.

Link: Intel announces Centerton, the Atom server (SemiAccurate)

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