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Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel: ARM is just another Transmeta

Intel: ARM is just another Transmeta

In recent weeks, both (known as “Blue Company”) and (call it “the little blue”) have been exchanging harsh comments against each other proclaiming the benefits of its architecture and manufacturing process. Intel ARM lash again with old competitors like comparing and VIA.

While many analysts believe that the new Windows RT can seriously damage the market for x86, because as Surface tablets based on ARM and the like have great autonomy, Intel thinks that their products are superior because they offer greater compatibility with applications Thanks to the huge base of existing x86 applications like iTunes and Quicken, which are not available for Windows RT.

Intel also did not waste the opportunity to mention that previously have had arrogantly competitors like ARM among mentioning Transmeta and VIA, whom they consider companies that come and go (Transmeta ended in bankruptcy, while does not produce much profit with its division x86).

Maybe many have never heard of Transmeta, the company developing low-power microprocessors Crusoe and Efficeon, which even used the VLIW architecture, thanks to its technology Codemorphing were able to run x86 operating systems and applications. Its consumption was very low, so they offered great autonomy in notebooks and tablets of that era .

While there are some similarities (between Transmeta and ARM) in comparing Intel (x86 architecture different from low consumption + + x86 emulation ), Transmeta never had a market share and dominance similar to having ARM .

In particular, if there was a company with which to ARM, Transmeta not choose, but to the time when Intel x86 was a large ecosystem with many manufacturers who helped masificarlo and turn it into what it is today, but unfortunately then Intel has been instructed to get rid of most of them ARM Will the same thing if he were to beat Intel?

Link: ARM is just another Transmeta claims Intel (Fudzilla)

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