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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel: ARM is more energy efficient x86

Intel: ARM is more energy efficient x86

ExtremeTech comes from an interesting Interview with Mike Bell, Manager of the division of portable devices from Intel, which talks about his platform Medfield (Atom smartphone) and future based on its new micro-architecture Silvermont, which is expected debuten during the first half of next year .

But did not speak only of their future products, but also its most important rival in this segment: ARM, noting that the higher energy efficiency of their SoC in front of his Medfield platform, is a myth without any proof to back it, since there is no factor in the x86 instruction set that makes it more or less efficient than other instruction sets, with the implementation and the manufacturing process the protagonists, while recognizing that Medfield is not the solution in the most efficient, if is defended very well in many areas including HD video playback 720p and 1080p.

Beyond that Intel says it will be very difficult for its competitors to maintain their pace , as none of them has to-end capabilities (meaning it has many resources on ID and their own semiconductor factories) and not seen in the future to anyone who is able to compete against Intel.

As for the price difference between and Intel products, says it is only a small part of the equation, giving examples of ARM smartphones like iPhone 4S, Galaxy Galaxy Nexus or S3, which have higher prices than smartphones Medfield as Xolo X900.

We recommend you read the full interview at ExtremeTech.

Very strong words from Intel to its competitors, but I should mention that while it is true that Medfield is able to compete in certain respects with the ARM SoC, the graphics capabilities that boasts actually belong to Imagination Technologies, which licensed its many graphics chip manufacturers ARM SoC, and ARM SoC against Medfield states that compete based on the Cortex-A9 old microprocessor, released in January 2010, and does not compete against Cortex-A15 launched last year, or against other ARM chips launched this year as Apollo (ARMv8 to 64 bits).

We’ll see how it moves the industry in the coming years and if you come to fulfill the prophecies of Intel competitors.

Link: Intel dismisses ‘x86 tax’, Sees no future for ARM or Any of STI Competitors (ExtremeTech)

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