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Posted by on May 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel Atom N2800 D2500 and “Cedarview” proof

In late September last year, launched its platform Cedar Trail microprocessors made by Cedarview and the Intel NM10. Although somewhat late, from XBIT Labs comes a of two Atom microprocessors.

Microprocessors are tested: Atom (on a Intel motherboard D2500HN) and Atom (on a motherboard Intel DN2800MT), both running at 1.86GHz dual core differing only in that the Atom N2800 CPU has HyperThreading technology, which will can run simultaneously processing four threads.

Without further ado here are some test:

We recommend reading the full review XBIT Labs

Link: Cedar Trail Platform: Intel and Intel DN2800MT D2500HN Mainboards Review (XBIT Labs)

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