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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel Atom processors lose market power

Intel Atom processors lose market power

For a couple of years, the CPU were very successful thanks to introduce the idea of x86 chips with low power consumption, giving birth to a product category that people cried out: ultra-portable computers called netbooks. Despite that, now have risen more efficient alternatives for this work, as the APU from AMD, Intel’s ultra-low voltage (ULV) and even looming chips based on ARM architecture for that in the future.

That is why the Atom longer have the prominence of yesteryear, and Intel sees every day lose more customers for this product. Because as reported, ASUS and Acer, one of the few manufacturers who remained committed to Atom, and are leaving in favor of renewing their lines, leaving at risk the survival of the Intel CPU.

Plane is known that Acer has no plans to market any new netbook, being that once were big drivers in this category. On the other hand, a product logo which is the ASUS Eee PC, has ceased production, and while the company has not given a statement confirming his death, the fact that no longer make overnight gives to think.

No doubt the market for low-power chips changed with Intel cannibalizing their own product with ULV CPUs with a TDP of 17W enliven and ultrabooks many netbooks that were once dominated by the Atom.

Link: Intel Atom CPU Losing Customers (Softpedia)

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