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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Gadgets |

Intel celebrates: Rise ultrabooks sales

Intel celebrates: Rise ultrabooks sales

Analyst firm Group began the day with great news for Intel: of portable ultra-thin (ultrabooks) increased significantly during the first half of this year, which comes in the context of previous poor sales and problems in this category PCs to take off in the general consumer market because of their high prices, seeking to solve problems.

Because it found that sales of equipment whose price is $ 900 or slightly higher, up 39% in the period January to May 2012, according to NPD, corresponds to the segment of moved by the inner shelf hardware providing Intel.

And that the context of overall PC sales not doing any good, because according to the same report, the overall PC market showed a drop of 17%, which ultimately is not good news for Intel, which is the inside large amount of equipment, but at least is promised good sales for emerging format ultrabook, pending the release of the Windows operating system in August, presumably in October-which should give a boost to this category.

Link: Ultrabook sales up in first half of 2012, Windows 8 waits patiently (Engadget)

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