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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Featured, Hardware News |

Intel CEO attacks the combination Windows + ARM

With the advent of Windows to the ARM architecture, which will be unprecedented in the upcoming operating system Windows 8, the leading developer of x86, ie Intel, showed some signs of fear against this new threat to their hegemony, which already has completely taken the very successful market for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Because without anyone wondering, the CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini, attacked free to ARM to say that they have a tough uphill climb to get a place in the Windows ecosystem, especially with regards to business customers.

It is argued that Windows 8 ARM will have serious problems convincing in terms of software, since it does not have support for everything that has been developed for x86 in recent decades, offering limited experience despite having available the Windows desktop as well as Metro.

Intel will want to take advantage of it, first through this publicity, and second to show a prototype tablet with a dedicated button to go to the desktop of Windows x86, and reminding customers recently raised the argument and the importance of it.

Link: Intel CEO slams Windows 8 ARM-based devices (Neowin)

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