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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel clarifies its CEO said on the release buggy Windows 8

Intel clarifies its CEO said on the release buggy Windows 8

Yesterday was generated something of a stir by statements from the of Intel, who kindly reminded some of its employees in Taiwan that Windows 8 will be released without being completely finished . And thus, full of bugs and errors.

Apparently these statements went too far and were somewhat inconvenient, since from today issued a statement clarifying the situation and considering the previous reports as “unsubstantiated”. In passing, note taking advantage of the relationship between Intel and Microsoft already has a long history, and the products that go on sale in October with will be sufficiently tested and validated accordingly.

“Intel, Microsoft, and our partners have been working together in testing and validation to ensure the highest quality in the 200 Intel-based designs that will begin to Launch in October. Intel CEO has said into the microphones that ‘Windows 8 is one of the best things that have happened to Intel’, citing the importance of touch interfaces that will reach the big pluses. “

The truth is that in no way contradict the sayings of Otellini, so this looks more like a way to quickly shut down a fire that Intel did not expect.

Link: We really do think Windows 8 is great, Intel says (CNET)

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