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Posted by on Dec 24, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel: Cloverview is faster than Tegra 3 and consumes half

Intel: Cloverview is faster than Tegra 3 and consumes half

When it seemed that finally things had calmed between and Nvidia, launching parallel accelerators Intel Xeon Phi , the first bet of the Intel GPU accelerated computing, market dominated by Tesla solutions and FirePro / AMD FireStream , revived the competition between the two companies, each proclaiming its superiority to the other (Intel claims that Xeon Phi is easier to program , while Nvidia claims that it is easier to parallelize the code in Tesla , and that its performance exceeds 8 to 18 times the CPUs Intel Xeon E5 ).

The rivalry between the two companies also occurs in other of its product lines, and the coveted tablet market also becomes a battlefield, and Intel is the first to attack claiming their soc for tablets Cloverview (part of their platform) that consume half of Nvidia in the execution of some tasks (referring to its PowerVR SGX545 Imagination Technologies IGP).

Intel based its conclusions on performance Tablet Microsoft Surface RT (Tegra 3) compared to the performance of a Tablet based on its Z2760 SoC (dual core 1.8GHz); tests that have not been revealed publicly, but which undoubtedly believe that soon make their appearance independent evidence to confirm or refute the claims of Intel.

Link: Intel’s SoC is superior to Tegra 3 (Fudzilla)

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