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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Hardware News |

Intel confirms that it is experimenting with a smart watch

Intel confirms that it is experimenting with a smart watch

At Intel, while continuing to work on the future of its processors as the main business of the company, also give more time for other things experimental. One such a smart watch (smartwatch) that currently is being cooked inside the company’s headquarters.

Himself CTO, Justin Rattner, confirmed at a conference organized by Bloomberg. Rattner said Intel takes a while working on some ideas as “traditional” compared to the main category of the firm, among which would be a clock. “A watch to see the time is pretty good, but if we talk of sending and receiving messages, would not only have to look great on your wrist?” Said Intel chief technology officer.

Beyond the comment in question, there were no other details. However, Intel is not even close to being the only company working on this, Sony a while is the same, Pebble and was quite successful since its inception in Kickstarter , and has also been rumored for some time that Apple would get into the segment. Who knows this clock Intel is a partnership with the company on the block.

Link: Intel CTO hints at watch-like smart device for texting (Venture Beat)


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