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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel continues to grow: Spend USD $4,100 million in equipment to manufacture chips

Intel continues to grow: Spend USD $ 4,100 million in equipment to manufacture chips

looked out the window and found something that interested enough in the market, so we spent USD $ 4,100 million to establish partnership with that. This is the company ASML, lithography system suppliers, who manufacture machines to produce microchips.

But this company is very expensive, and even Intel with its four billion dollars, will only be achieved with 15% of the property, which is divided into equipment valid for two thirds and one third of shares in the company. So, this is more a partnership than a purchase.

The aim of the move is to improve the speed with which they produce microchips, as additionally be spent USD $ 1,000 million in research to develop manufacturing processes wafers of 450mm, in contrast to the current 300mm, increasing the number of chips out of the same “badge” manufactured, reducing production costs. Furthermore, this money will also be made to implement the technology studies (EUL), which allows greater number of transistors per square millimeter.

Link: Intel snaps up 10 Percent of chip fab machine maker ASML (Electronista)

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