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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel Core i3-3220 “Ivy Bridge-DT” tested with 10 games

Microprocessors Core i3 third generation was released just 10 days ago , but unfortunately we have received very few reviews Showing performance.

A little of the launch of the third generation core i3 we got one review of the Core i3-3225 , and this time from Inpai comes a review of the Intel Core i3-3220 (U.S. $125), dual-core chip running at 3.3GHz capable of running four threads of processing HyperTheading thanks to its technology, to face to the FX-4170 (U.S. $119) and FX-6200 (U.S. $132), testing them with a total of 10 and two video cards different ranges: geforce and AMD HD 6850.

Without further ado here your test:

We recommend reviewing the full review Inpai, especially the last few pages.

Link: 谁是游戏好帮手 新i3/FX6200/4170测试 (Inpai)

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