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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Companies |

Intel could buy Nvidia

Intel could buy Nvidia

It’s just a rumor, like many other rumors we should not take these comments to heart, we must always be careful not to speculate on this kind of information … who am I kidding!? This is a Rumor that many wish come true.

Some sites suggest that is interested in buying the video card manufacturer as AMD did with ATI. Though Intel has its own video chipsets for mid-level computers (or low performance to save battery), Nvidia buying leads represent a much more solid than competitive solutions offered by AMD with integrated video chipsets from ATI.

Where does this speculation? Well, apparently arises from the need for Intel to find a new CEO and, if the were to occur, the current CEO of Nvidia would become the CEO of Intel.

The advantages for both companies would be many but, in the past Nvidia has said that Intel’s X86 architecture is not exactly the best there is for mobile devices (and where both companies want to start gaining ground).

Although, on the other hand, the reality is that no two are threatened by the technology of AMD / ATI so perhaps in the future, what suits more to these companies is to work together in the creation and design exclusive new chipsets that leverage Intel’s manufacturing processes with the knowledge that has Nvidia graphics.

What do you think? What Intel to buy Nvidia or better to stay as they are?

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