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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel CPUs vulnerability compromises the security of 64-bit operating systems

Intel CPUs vulnerability compromises the security of 64-bit operating systems

All users know that any microprocessor or other chip fabricated in the industry is perfect, all have some shortcomings and errors of varying importance which are discovered sooner or later, before, during and after the life cycle of many them x86 microprocessors are not immune to this rule, both AMD and maintain a list of errata for its various chips.

Recently the US-CERT ( United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team ) has discovered a in the part of the extended set SYSRET instruction Intel x86-64 (implementation based on the AMD64 instruction set, AMD) vulnerability that could allow hackers and other attackers to execute code with kernel even from a user account that does not have administrator privileges, getting Control of the host operating system from another guest (guest-to-host).

This bug affects all Intel microprocessors that have the extended instruction set x86-64/EMT64 and VT-x hardware (Pentium 4 and later), and does not affect other x86 chips such as VIA and AMD, which SYSRET statement handle differently. Attackers could take advantage of the bug from virtual machines running on any 64-bit operating system such as Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat and other Linux distributions. The bug does not affect 32-bit operating systems.

This bug is expected to be remedied with a microcode update to the micro-processor with specific patches in the affected operating systems.

Link: Intel Chips Prone to Hacks – 64-bit OSs Deemed Vulnerable (HOTforSecurity)

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