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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel: Firefox will support OpenCL accelerated JavaScript

Intel: Firefox will support OpenCL accelerated JavaScript

Back in September last year, announced its technology River Trail , a new engine accelerated by OpenCL, whose development is going well and that Intel says will be available next year.

uses the API to take advantage of parallel computing power of GPUs API compatible with GPU accelerated computing (GPGPU) OpenCL (still unknown whether Intel IGP only be compatible with OpenCL compatible with River Trail, or if they also bear the Nvidia and AMD GPUs).

By using OpenCL, the GPU will do the job of dealing with the JavaScript code, freeing the microprocessor to other tasks while you get a performance increase about 15 times compared to its CPU execution.

Intel announces that River Trail will be available sometime next year, and will be integrated into the browser (which curious who have not chosen to Microsoft Explorer). Intel claims that River Trail offer a richer experience and seamless to users.

We assume that River Trail will be very beneficial, especially for low-power microprocessors and future based Atom microarchitecture Silvermont , which will be launched next year and will support OpenCL graphics. Although users also benefit more powerful microprocessors.

Link: Intel VP Rivertrail claims will rule in 2013 (KitGuru)

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