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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel: Haswell will not use the same type of transistors that Ivy Bridge

Intel: Haswell will not use the same type of transistors that Ivy Bridge

Last week during the event IDF2012 revealed its future specifications microarchitecture Haswell , the successor to the current micro-architecture Ivy Bridge , which will be based in its fourth generation Core microprocessors “Core i 4000 Series”.

We know that current microprocessors are manufactured with the 22nm manufacturing process and are shaped by the type transistors Gate 3D (or FinFET), and was supposed to microprocessors would use the same manufacturing process and type of transistors, but the Intel reveals itself while keeping the manufacturing process to 22nm, Haswell will use a different type of transistors used by the Ivy Bridge.

Intel says that thanks to the constant evolution of its 22nm manufacturing process, use a different type transistors to 3D transistors used in Ivy Gate Bridge, a change that has allowed them to add new units of their new units count as FMA, or improvements in their L1 and L2 caches and new instructions.

Intel has not disclosed the exact type of transistors used in Haswell, so it is unknown whether their relationship will influence “die size” / “number of transistors” relative to that seen in Ivy Bridge, data that can not be checked leak until the final versions of the first microprocessor-based Intel micro-architecture Haswell.

Link: IDF: Intel Haswell says Ivy Bridge will not use transistors (The Inquirer)

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