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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel “Haswell” will reduce by 45% its TDP

A couple days ago we learned that Intel integrated voltage regulators in the next generation processors (Ivy Bridge Core successors), stealing that role to the motherboard and frightening step overclocking fans, who have greater barriers to When manually adjusting this important parameter.

In relation to that, and perhaps because of that, now makes a second promise for Haswell CPU: reduction up to 45% compared to current numbers. This particular chip intended for use in ultrabooks, which today have a TDP of 17W and in the future, under a manufacturing process to 22nm, 10W TDP presented.

Clearly, Intel says that the performance will not be affected, because as you can imagine, the great achievement of this technological advancement is to increase performance per watt, which aims to improve autonomy laptops. Because obviously, if a 45% increase in performance per watt, could also keep intact the TDP of 17W in Haswell and thus make faster the processor, however, for ultrabooks more importantly the life.

Link: Intel slashes chip’s power usage while boosting performance (Computer World)

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