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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel is already preparing the Core i7 line top-3970X

Intel is already preparing the Core i7 line top-3970X

As indicated by sources within the industry, very soon processor update its Core i7 line top-3960X, with the arrival of the i7-3970X, a new exponent of the that could be launched later this year.

It indicates that radical changes would not have this chip, being a minor update to 3960x to rise in frequency from 3.3GHz to 3.5GHz based, scalable to 4GHz when under load (up to 3.9GHz before). The architecture Sandy Bridge-E to 32nm is still intact, as does the presence of six physical cores with HyperThreading, the 15MB of cache and support for quad-channel RAM.

The best thing about this ad? More than the i7-3970X processor itself, the most notable perhaps is that the i7-3960X will not be discontinued immediately, but will drop in price when his older brother goes on sale.

Link: Intel Core i7-3970X eat in Q4 2012 (Fudzilla)

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