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Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in Internet |

Intel is willing to pay big money to launch its TV service

Intel is willing to pay big money to launch its TV service

and television. It is the mix that one could imagine when it comes to this chip company, but for some time been preparing their entry into the world of on-demand content decoders and other devices in the hands of a number of manufacturers and content creators, and compete with a multitude of other similar services available in the United States and – of course – around the world.

The problem is that they have finished close deals to promote access to this content, and ensure these missing contracts could cost them dearly.

Right, because different media say that in their eagerness to launch this service starting in late 2013, Intel would have paid a premium of 75% of the value that other companies pay companies like Viacom, and News Corporation for access to each Subscriber to the materials, also offering an advertising platform powerful enough to amortize costs avisaje extra income. The idea is that when you see a program for the first time, you can not skip the commercials.

However, this could bring a negative effect to this service. And, let’s face it … No one likes to see advertising something that is paying! It’s understandable in other services like Crackle you just do not pay and you are bombarded with ads every – say – three seconds, but if you’re going to pay for content, and you can not access a by-pass to advertising, just be a disaster for the consumer.

The company is still trying agreements with leading content creators worldwide to carry out a useful service.

Intel’s plan is to offer live TV, VOD and clips through additional devices which could currently have in our living room, trying to compete – at least in the world of content – with the new wave of consoles that put an emphasis on multimedia abit.

Is it enough to let Intel fight our living?

Link: Intel offers to pay up for Internet TV programming deals (Reuters)

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