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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Hardware News |

Intel is working on a mobile version of Thunderbolt

Intel is working on a mobile version of Thunderbolt

Amid the that is held in Taipei, from notified that they are working on a version of its mobile equipment, lease phones and tablets.

Dadi Pelmutter, executive vice president, Intel Architecture Group, said in an interview that there is a current need calls for smartphones and tablets can be connected to TVs or storage devices. And that is where Thunderbolt: Intel is already working on a low-power version of the technology.

Still, Palmutter believes that everything will depend on what you want the end users. And is that Intel is also supporting the specification , although this technology is designed only for wireless transmissions at distances not large. But none of that would really be an issue: “Do users want to use Thunderbolt or WiGig? We are working on both, “says Palmutter. “The winner will be in the way.”

For now, since Intel does not give a tentative date for the arrival of Thunderbolt phones. What is certain is that Intel expected to fare a bit better than before facing USB 3.0.

Link: Intel working on low-power Thunderbolt for tablets, smartphones (Computer World)


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