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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel launches new Itanium microprocessors 9500

Intel launches new Itanium microprocessors 9500

As had been rumored for several months , today introduced its new microprocessors 9500 Series, based on its latest micro-architecture known by its code name Poulson.

As discussed in previous articles , microprocessors are comprised of 3.1 billion transistors and manufactured using the 32nm manufacturing process Intel. Unlike other non-microprocessor Intel Itanium (IA32), Poulson, like the rest of Itanium microprocessors, is based on the architecture ia64 (Intel Architecture-64), known as (explicity Parallel Instruction Computing).

Poulson has several architectural improvements being able to run up to 11 instructions per cycle (for comparison purposes Itanium 9300 Series “Tukwila”, and the Core of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation running six instructions per cycle, while futures Core 4th generation “Haswell” execute eight instructions per cycle ) also incorporates a unified L3 cache (Tukwila uses a dedicated L3 per core), thanks to such improvements will be able to run intensive applications for servers and high-speed supercomputers.

Initially the Intel Itanium family 9500 Series will consist of four members, which are detailed below:

Intel launches new Itanium microprocessors 9500 image 2

With its “generous” configurations, microprocessors Itanium 9500 Series offer the highest performance in the industry, becoming the most sophisticated microprocessor Intel built to date, and Intel does not waste the chance to show some performance tests of its new Itanium 9500, faced with its predecessors (Itanium 9300):

Intel launches new Itanium microprocessors 9500 image 3

HP is expected to be the first company (and maybe the only) to launch new servers based on Intel Itanium 9500 Series microprocessors.

Link: Intel’s Eight-Core Itanium Poulson Heavily-Updated Breaks Cover, Heads To Market (HotHardware)

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