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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Gadgets |

Intel launches Ultrabook specifications for third generation

Intel launches Ultrabook specifications for third generation

Core came third generation and next to them, the new specification for ultra-thin notebooks, with the company providing the guidelines for manufacturers so they can earn the right to a sticker that certifies their creations as Ultrabooks.

So, we should expect for the near future are two kinds of Ultrabooks: those who meet basic requirements and those with the specifications recommended by Intel. The first are almost equal to the requirements of last generation, with thin form, more than five hours of battery life, integrated security through remote locking systems and response times. What’s new? Now required to support USB 3.0, allowing transfer of high-speed data on removable drives.

As for the ideally recommended by Intel, adding to the 8 hours of energy autonomy should see support for service during the rest of the team, Intel WiDi, vPro technology for added security at the hardware level and the most important sensors like those seen smartphones and touchscreens, now officially required by the company.

This marks two categories of strongly, allowing system builders like ASUS or Lenovo create models with a wider range of prices and benefits, which should see as soon as the upcoming Computex 2012.

Link: Intel to show third-gen Ultrabooks at Computex, USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt Makes a Necessity (Engadget)

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