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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Featured, Hardware News |

Intel Merrifield: Medfield’s successor will come in 2013


Earlier this year Intel surprised the world with the launch of its platform Medfield , the first bet x86 Intel to bring the lucrative smartphone market. From SemiAccurate inform us on future Intel microprocessors for the segment of smartphones.

According to Intel’s release schedule, the current Medfield platform will evolve in 2 distinct branches, one focused on high performance smartphones and one focused on low-cost smartphones, the fruit of this will be the future platform for smartphones Merrifield high performance and 6331 variant for low-cost smartphones.

The platform will consist Merrifield Atom microprocessors based on an entirely new micro-architecture and manufactured with the 22nm manufacturing process Intel Tri-gate, this new micro-architecture (code-named has not yet been revealed) promises a considerable increase performance over Saltwell (Atom CPUs used in Medfield platform), and improvements will also assume that consumption of the chip with new technologies including in-house micro-architecture coupled with the high level of maturity that must have the manufacturing process Intel 22nm back in 2013, which is the date that the new platform is expected Merrifield.

The SoC 6331 is probably a shortened version and more integration compared with the Atom platform used in Merrifield, and should be a chip with a consumption rather small in comparison with let’s say “brother”.

The timing of Intel also mentions a future platform even without official designation, which we assume must be based on the same new micro-architecture of Atom Merrifield, but adapted to future 14nm manufacturing process Intel.

Link: Intel outs Merrifield and 6331 (SemiAccurate)

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