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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel: NVIDIA lies by saying that their IGP can not handle more than 40% of games

Intel: NVIDIA lies by saying that their IGP can not handle more than 40% of games

Since the launch of the GPU GeForce 600M Series for laptops, its creator has been too optimistic with them stating that their GPUs are the ones who put the word “Ultra” in Ultrabooks , and are a great improvement over the IGPs Intel, which are not capable of running more than 40% of released in 2011 in a “playable” will mean that the behave even worse shape with games released this year?

Intel responds to this by saying that if Nvidia mentioned that 40% of the main games are in their IGP it simply is not true, is defended by noting that designed their IGP focus on casual gamers and deliver performance above 30 FPS in order to provide a great gaming experience for “most players” while a great battery life on laptops.

Intel says its driver development team works closely with game developers to maximize the experience that the user provide their IGP and not only this, but on providing high productivity in tasks like video encoding, where thanks Quick Sync technology to provide 2.0 speeds in excess of the GPU NVIDIA.

Intel is committed to the players and claim to have sponsored more than half of the games presented during the event SIGRAPH 2012.

The Intel IGP Graphics HD 4000 is the best IGP released by Intel so far, and everything points to Denlow , the successor of HD 4000 Graphics Graphic triple its graphics performance , which is a sign of how important it is for Intel graphics performance , area that did not show much concern in the past.

Link: EXCLUSIVE: Intel refutes claims regarding nVidia HD4000 game compatibility (KitGuru)

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