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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel outlines its approach to x86 SoC

Intel outlines its approach to x86 SoC

A few weeks ago, a comment the president of Intel China unleashed a series of misunderstandings that suggested a possible abandonment of manufacturing socket CPUs from Intel , misunderstanding that was cleared vaguely few days ago , but as promised, today gives more details on its approach to the x86 SoC.

During the event, International Electron Devices Meeting, Intel announced triumphantly that have managed to successfully adapt its manufacturing process to 22nm to build SoCs (System-on-a-Chip) x86 highly integrated, energy-efficient and feature-rich ( + IGP + IMC + NB + SB + network), likely to be available sometime next year.

Thanks to new and modern micro-architectures (Haswell and Silvermont) in combination with the manufacturing process to 22nm Tri-Gate, these future will be able to offer a yield of between 20-65% higher than current Intel 32nm SoC (Medfield and Cloverview), becoming very competitive alternative.

Intel agrees that by focusing on developing high-performance transistors had neglected the market for smartphones and tablets, an important market in which we now focus most of their efforts with x86 SoC, but that does not mean they will put aside its current core business of microprocessors for desktops and laptops, and reveal that both SoCs manufactured (BGA contacts) and CPUs (LGA) based on future 14nm manufacturing processes (Broadwell “2014″ and Skylake “2015″) and 10nm (Skymont “2016″), meaning that we can be sure that at least until 2016 Swap microprocessors continue to exist (with socket), and Intel could continue pitching future post 2016 models depending on their demand for those dates.

Link: Intel Discusses shift to system-on-a-chip tech (CNet)

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