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Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel plans to offset lower demand for PCs

Intel plans to offset lower demand for PCs

The business has had generally poor results for the past Q3 2012 (July to September), where low income has been on the market for memory manufacturers, PC, notebooks, ultrabooks. remained relatively immune to these changes reported gains of 13.5 billion dollars.

Although U.S. $13.5 billion North American sound good (compared to those obtained by AMD 1.27 billion in the same period ), this figure is identical to that reported by Intel in Q2 of this year (April to June) and 6 % lower than in Q3 2011 (14.3 billion), and if we add the prophesied lower sales in the PC market, we have a fact that worries even Intel itself, which enlists their measures:

Manufacturing Process
Intel plans to give greater emphasis to its manufacturing process to 22nm and enlists his future 14nm process, which will allow you to reuse about 80 to 90% of their current equipment to 22nm, this will allow a period of relative calm for at least one couple of years.

Intel readies the imminent debut of its future microprocessors based on the Haswell microarchitecture , which states start shipping during Q1 2013 (January-March), thus indirectly confirming the rumors that mass production of CPUs should begin during the remainder of this year and will be available Q2 2013 (April to June).

Haswell-ULT, the microprocessor for Ultrabooks based on its Haswell microarchitecture, thanks to its high integration (SoC) and low power (from 10W TDPs) Ultrabooks will offer more autonomy, higher performance and better features, but apparently not Intel intends to reduce the price level of these far less popular teams.

Intel does not think that tablets cannibalize their ultrabooks, but sees them as a product intended to cover other needs, which are intended to cover more than 20 different models based on its microprocessors “Cloverview” and third-generation core “Ivy Bridge-ULV “, which will be designed to meet the needs of casual users and even business users.

Although Intel has not said much about this market, there is no doubt that it is of great importance to Intel, the new expected next year based on its Atom microprocessor microarchitecture and manufactured Silvermont its manufacturing process to 22nm, with which ARM defeat promise .

The micro-servers or servers of energy efficient datacenters and o computing are a growing market in which Intel thinks not cede ground to ARM (or alternatives Nvidia and AMD ). Intel says its Atom products to micro-servers (Centerton) are superior thanks to its support x86 and 64-bit ECC memory, key features in these environments.

The PC market
Intel expects the new Microsoft operating system to be released later this month, to boost sales of the PC, so expect that as a result its earnings for Q4 2012 (October to December) are higher than those of last period (Q3), and even the best of this year.

Link: Earnings Call Analysis: Intel Responds To Weak Demand, Prepares Haswell (Bright Side of News)

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