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Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel readies his response to GPGPU computing

Intel readies his response to GPGPU computing

While previous rumors commented that future microprocessors Intel Xeon “Haswell-EP” for servers and workstations have 10 cores and 20 threads of processing , comes new information that suggests they will have a whopping 16 cores.

Apparently the increasing popularity of GPUs and large computing power in massive parallel computing would be forcing to rethink their strategy to the market for servers and workstations, and the fruit of its new x86 microprocessors will a multi-processing capability by combining mass up to 16 x86 cores with powerful vector calculation units and techniques SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading) and HyperThreading to provide up to 32 simultaneous processing threads.

No doubt all this computing power will cost, and in the case of microprocessors that will be a higher TDP, which was increased to 160W or more, which require more advanced cooling solutions.

But his Haswell CPUs are not the only answer to Intel’s GPGPU computing, and now paves the way for widespread architecture releasing the code of your cGPU Corner, in order to pave the way for their successors and IGP versions , which apparently ready to market its massive raid (Knights Corner is not sold to the public, but directly to manufacturers of supercomputers), and this action will increase the number of applications supported by the MIC architecture.

Intel believes that its chips Knights are much more than a cGPU (GPU-oriented GPU accelerated computing “GPGPU”) so now prefers to call: SMP on-a-chip, a name that fits perfectly with them, for SMP (Simultaneous Multi Processing) or simultaneous multi-processing is precisely the strength of Knights, which offer multiple mini-core x86 (Pentium-based “P5″) with multiple vector units 16-Wide.

GPU accelerated computing is advancing by leaps and bounds in all sectors, forcing even Intel itself to offer a quick response. No doubt the next few years will be most interesting.

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Intel Open-Sources “Knights Corner” Linux Code (Phoronix)

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