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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel Sandy Bridge chips discontinued four-MB

Intel Sandy Bridge chips discontinued four-MB

currently markets its microprocessors Core 3 rd generation known for its code-named Ivy Bridge , which thanks to its 22nm manufacturing process offers lower power consumption, an important factor especially in its variant Ivy Bridge-MB laptop.

Intel plans to gradually draw traffic to its processors core 2 nd generation notebook, known by the codename: (32nm), and begins to four microprocessors discontinuing Sandy Bridge-MB:

  • Core i7-2620M.
  • Core i7-2720QM.
  • Core i7-2820QM.
  • Core Extreme i7-2920XM.

These four microprocessors coming down the road, but Intel still continue taking orders until 19 December this year.

Link: Intel geeft aan EOL-status Fri mobiele Sandy Bridge processors (Hardware.Info)

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