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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel seeks to create new standards for SSDs

Intel seeks to create new standards for SSDs

does not stop in their efforts to improve and sell ultrabooks, announcing now work around the creation of a new standard for the inclusion of solid state drives (SSD), which called Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF).

For as the name implies, the idea is to find a new format to solve some current problems of suffering mSATA, reigning in the ultra-portable art, such as channels and limiting area on the PCB, the is improved with NGFF, which already says is “evolution” of mSATA.

As a result more directly, allow you to insert as many memory devices, increasing the total capacity, good reasons why companies like Micron, SanDisk and Samsung, are involved in developing this new technology.

Link: Intel SSD specs standardises (Fudzilla)

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