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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Hardware News |

Intel shows faster flash memory of the world # CTX2013

Intel shows faster flash memory of the world # CTX2013

(C) PC World

It is only a prototype, but it serves well to remove chest Intel. Amid the Computex 2013, the firm has just shown what is the fastest flash in the world, thanks to the speeds allowed by its specification Thunderbolt.

The grace of this report, which looks much like an ordinary flash drive, is it requires no cables and connects directly to the port on your computer. Its size is 128GB, inside includes a SanDisk SSD memory, and its theoretical speed is 10 Gbps.

Israel Oren Huber explained on the site, but for now it is nothing more than a reference model, there are already interested in the prototype to create final products. In addition, the future could be promising considering that Thunderbolt II will become a reality later this year , and the speed of these memories could further increase.

Moreover, Intel is already working on a version of Thunderbolt low power for mobile , even if they also support the “competitor” WiGig.

Link: Intel shows ‘world’s fastest thumb drive’ (PC World)


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