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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel shows its JavaScript engine River Trail

Intel shows its JavaScript engine River Trail

A few days ago revealed that sometime in the next year released their engine River Trail , which makes use of acceleration through GPGPU API to achieve performance gains of up to 15 times that of the CPU, but the improvements also apply to micro-current multi-core processors.

River Trail will be integrated in the Mozilla Firefox , and through the use of OpenCL API will be able to leverage the processing power of the GPU shader processors and multiple threads for processing of current microprocessors, so also show performance increases, although carezcas a OpenCL GPU support.

The increase in performance in the execution of JavaScript code using the multiple threads of CPUs will not be as dramatic compared to GPU acceleration, and it shows in the demonstration by Intel during the event IDF2012, where thanks to the use multithreaded processing improvements are achieved 60 to 100% (1.6 to 2X).

Without further ado, here the proof of Intel:

Link: Intel River Trail-Demo auf dem IDF 2012: Mehr fur Surfpower Mehrkern-CPUs (PC Games Hardware)

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