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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel shows the progress of your project Claremont

Intel shows the progress of your project Claremont

Last year showed the first details of Claremont , the codename of its future with a very low power consumption can run on Solar power.

Like the current chips based on micro-architectures and Saltwell Bonnell (both based on P5); is another descendant based on the old P5 microarchitecture, being based on a highly evolved version core, the same as gave birth to the now legendary Pentium microprocessors, successors of the 486.

Thanks to its simple design, these microprocessors are capable of operation at very low voltejes and can dynamically switch between five voltage ranges:

  • 10MHz to 0.38vy consumption 1.5mW.
  • 66MHz to 0.5vy consumption 20mW.
  • 333MHz to 0.74vy consumption 80mW.
  • 420MW 1.05vy 525MHz to consumption.
  • 741MHz 445mW consumer to 1.1v.

Intel shows the progress of your project Claremont image 2

Still a long way from the first products based in Claremont make their appearance, and Intel disclosed that they still have many problems to solve as the instability problems associated with electrical noise at such low voltages, creating separate areas devoted to the administration energy, or latency in communication between the kernel and almost inactive requests to its periphery, among many other problems.


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