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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Hardware |

Intel Thunderbolt II prepares for 4K video

Intel Thunderbolt II prepares for 4K video

(C) the JoshMeister / Flickr

Announced two years ago and no overcrowding still achieve significant, will have a second version, officially announced today on his blog, expanding what was already indicated during NAB 2013 . Be called Thunderbolt 2 and although the name is not the most creative we’ve seen, it does bring several improvements to consider.

The most important thing is that content will be designed to transfer 4K, waiting for the arrival of this format drives the adoption of this technology. With that in mind, instead of allowing four lines into two 10 Gbps channels for data transfer, will have a single channel with two lines of 20 Gbps each. This will enable the space required to send a movie 4K, the second line while maintaining free for other uses.

Intel Thunderbolt II prepares for 4K video image 2

4K displays that can use this increased bandwidth per line Thunderbolt 2 supports DisplayPort 1.2. Intel claims that the system will be backward and connectivity works the same way in Thunderbolt.

The company noted that Thunderbolt 2 enter production before the end of the year, which would begin to be available in 2014. This would imply that the system is supported on the new chips Haswell , and would not have to wait for the new version of Intel processors to use Thunderbolt 2.

Link: Video Creation Bolts Ahead – Intel’s Thunderbolt â„¢ 2 Doubles Bandwidth, Enabling 4K Video Transfer & Display (Intel)

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