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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel Thunderbolt is barely present in 10% of desktops and laptops

Intel Thunderbolt is barely present in 10% of desktops and laptops

Launched early last year, the (port) Thunderbolt , has not had the anticipated interest in the market, for its adoption is much lower than expected , and as reported by Digitimes, barely touches 10% in the market for desktops and laptops (and much of that percentage is for computers).

Apparently the high price of controller chip Intel ($ 20) with the price of the controllers (between U.S. $ 0.5 to U.S. $ 0.8 for driver USB 3.0 dedicated, to this must be added that many chipsets from Intel and AMD launched last year already have native support for USB 3.0); plays a big factor to this low adoption of Thunderbolt, which limits it to a few high-end equipment.

Things did not improve for Thunderbolt devices, which have also received a cold reception from consumers, so developers have shown peripheral conservative in developing Thunderbolt compatible devices.

Thunderbolt is currently used primarily in Apple products, and is unlikely to have reached mass adoption, it is not expected to be standardized until 2014, date on which the price is expected to be reduced to an acceptable level.

Link: Intel Thunderbolt have poor market penetration (Darkvision Hardware)

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