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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel Xeon E7 CPU V2 “Ivy Bridge-EX” will have 15 cores and 30 processing threads

A few months ago we learned that Intel is developing its new platforms for Grantley servers (Xeon E5-4000 CPUs V2 Series “Ivy Bridge-EP”) and Brickland (Xeon E7 CPUs V2 Series “Ivy Bridge-EX”) , since we Donamim Haber get information on future platform.

The platform consists of Grantley microprocessors E5-4000 V2 Series ” Ivy Bridge-EP “, available on models with up to 10 cores and 20 processing threads, pale before the Brickland platform, consisting of the Intel Xeon e7 microprocessors V2 Series” “, which will be available on models with up to 15 x86 cores (30 threads of processing thanks to hyperthreading) and equipped with up 37.5MB of third-level cache (L3).

Brickland Boxboro platform will replace the “Westmere-EX”, and probably make its appearance in late 2013.

Link: Intel 15 çekirdekli Xeon işlemciler hazırlıyor (Donanim Haber)

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