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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel Xeon Phi will be based in Knights Landing

Intel Xeon Phi will be based in Knights Landing

In June this year, announced its future co-procesadores/cGPUs Xeon Phi , which was believed would be based on the kinghts Corner (KNC), but according to new information coming from VR-Zone is based on the new Knights Landing (KNL).

Since the cancellation of the project as Intel GPU gaming, the continued development of this product segment focused on servers and supercomputers, and on the following developments:

  • Larrabee (Larrabee of 1st generation).
  • Knights Ferry (Larrabee 2nd generation).
  • (Larrabee 3rd generation).
  • (Larrabee 4th generation).
  • Knights Hill (Larrabee 5th generation).

Was expected to be based on xeon Knights Corner, speculation was reinforced with a preliminary copy shown in the past by Intel IDF 2012 event , but apparently the final version of Xeon Phi to be released in December this year will not be based on Knights Corner, but in the new Knights Landing, which advances his debut (expected by the end of 2013).

For now we know that Xeon Phi will consist up to 62 cores , a figure that could be different in the final version. Intel is expected during the event details SuperComputing 2012 (SC 12), which will be held from 10 to 16 November this year.

Link: How Intel Xeon Phi Got its Codenames (VR-Zone)

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