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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

Intel’s promises for the future short-term Medfield

Intel's promises for the future short-term Medfield

Sumeet Syal, Product Manager at Intel, revealed interesting information regarding the future of platform, which recycles Atom microprocessors for use in phones, such as the recently launched Motorola RAZR i , whose chip, like all the time Medfield , is a single core, but with HypeThreading technology (HT), which allows two threads to manage concurrent processing.

It turns out that for the next few months, the company prepares a dual-core Atom will continue to support technology. Meanwhile, recently being discussed the feasibility of a quad-core Medfield, because the time commitment is towards fewer but higher performance cores, supported by HT.

The promise is that this kind of chips far exceed in performance to the current offer ARM-based dual and quad cores, since according to Intel, Medfield current core with is better than several other dual and quad-core have lying around in the market, so having two cores gives Medfield to think of a pretty big improvement.

Will it Intel’s strategy of targeting fewer cores but with better performance? Android being an operating system optimized to handle multicore platforms, not having a manager who organizes the tasks to be dealt, the idea of Medfield is hardly outlandish.

Link: Intel Medfield x86 Confirms LTE Chips Do not Support Yet – But Says It Will not Be Long Coming (TechCrunch)

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