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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Gadgets |

International organizations call Google to explain the privacy of Glass

International organizations call Google to explain the privacy of Glass

Ten organizations from different countries sent a letter to CEO Larry Page, asking a series of consultations on Google Glass. The device is not yet on sale for ordinary users, however, has already led to several questions about how they affect our lives .

The bodies of Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Israel and Switzerland expressed their concerns about the effect not only on the user of the glasses, but also those around him and could be recorded with the camera included with the device. “We call Google tackles into a real dialogue with the protection authorities on Glass”, said in the letter.

Altogether sent eight questions related to privacy issues, how to explain the way in which Glass meets data protection laws that privacy insurance have been incorporated into the device, what kind of data Google collects through it, with whom you can share that information, and if Google has done some analysis of the risks to the privacy of the device.

Also, ask to see a demonstration of the device and the opportunity to see themselves.

Google said through a statement that is still in an early stage of testing Glass and ethical issues that accompany it. “It’s very early, and we are thinking very carefully how we design Glass, because new technology always brings new problems,” says the company.

Link: Google Privacy Authorities issue a ‘please explain’ on Glass (ZDNet)

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