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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Internet |

Internet Explorer continues to lose market share in Spain

Internet Explorer continues to lose market share in Spain

continues losing users worldwide and of course, in Spain as well. If three years ago commanded a 60% market share, now according to data from statistics, has gone to 33% in April 2012.

Who benefits the most? It seems lately we always have the same answer: Google. With browser has achieved a 34%, becoming the most used browser by far. And if the trends of the last twelve months, Internet Explorer will continue to drop while Google Chrome will increase in number of users.

What about the other browsers? The next thing I can compare in importance by number of users with the previous two is, as you can guess, Firefox. Users has also lost the last 12 months and its share in April 2012 around 25%.

Safari almost reached 6%. As for Opera, the poor seems to have completely detached from the struggle for market share: Just less than 1%. But who knows if in the near future this will change.

According to Director of Media Analytics & Social Media Spain Nielsen, Google’s browser is a favorite because of the reputation of the same page of Google and quantity of services offered. Other advantages: Supports and better meets many of the standards required by the platform below. One thing is always going to Internet Explorer going crazy the last programmers based bugs.

Traditionally Internet Explorer has been the most used browser in Spain. The reason: Most Spanish users always use the Windows operating system that comes factory installed this browser.

Compared with the rest of the world, Internet Explorer continues to be the first (34%), but is followed closely by Google Chrome (33%).

In principle I think we all seek in a browser easily and quickly, that we can easily work with them without the bar of the browser taking up too much space.

And another point that makes us decide to either: and extensions, depending on the browser in some cases take much memory.

Internet Explorer in Spain loses 50% market share in three years (five days)
Statcounter Statistics

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