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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Internet |

Internet users need 22 paswords

Internet users need 22 paswords

According to a survey, the average Internet user has 22 for different needs but paswords or passwords (as we all know) most of them risk their information using the same username and for all accounts.

Three quarters of respondents say they use the same password for more than one of your accounts and of that group, a third of them have never been careful to change it at least once.

Worse, this group of respondents say a small fraction share their passwords with others.

This survey reflects the kingdom a bad habit that occurs worldwide, people believe that a and password do not matter and then steal important data, make them fraud credit cards and do not have idea “how it could have happened.”

Let us be good Samaritans and begin to create awareness among our family and friends, is for your own good.

Link: Internet users ‘passwords need 22′ (BBC UK)

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