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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Economy |

Internet would provide 63,000 million euros to the Spanish economy in 2015

Internet would provide 63,000 million euros to the Spanish economy in 2015

It is no secret what the Internet means for the in the world today. So not surprising predictions of the Internet business WSI, according to which the contribution of Internet to the economy could reach 63,000 million euros in 2015.

This is a forecast that sounds very logical, especially considering that the online business contributed EUR 23,400 million to the Spanish economy over the past year, according to the same consultant.

Now, perhaps much talk of the bubble 2.0 could indicate these forecasts as a symptom of the boom that would be tapped in short: So worth to remember a study by research firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) of which I spoke some time ago and which states that in 2016, the Network would take place as the fifth largest economy , trailing only the United States, China, Japan and India.

In 2011, also stresses that only the WSI e-commerce sector reached a turnover in of more than 157 million euros … So if you’re planning to venture into the world of selling, you know you have to have a online store.

Seeing these figures e-commerce, it does surprise that, according to this consultant, only 24% of Spanish SMEs (less than 10 employees) has a web presence, and of those that are, only 7 percent have online store. They have a whole untapped market!

Link: Internet contributed 23,400 million euros to the Spanish economy in 2011 (Portaltic)

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