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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Science |

Invent invisibility machine

Harry who? No wonder they say that truth is stranger than fantasy! Researchers from University and the University of Pennsylvania have been working on an machine appears to be a reality.

The heart of this machine are covered with nanowires. Adjusting the level of metal and silicon, can capitalize on the physical properties of nanoscale wires, resulting in an invisibility effect.

“We discovered that a carefully designed gold layer significantly alters the optical response of nanowires,” said Fan Pengyu investigator of this project. This technology of wires covered with gold nano allows of both materials is canceled each other making it invisible and at the same time, allowing to see outwards. Also claim that it is very effective because it works is a fairly broad spectrum of light from any angle.

Currently engineers are still working on the properties of this material thinking of possible uses to which it may in the future as in sensors, solar panels, solid light, lasers and scale.

Link: Cloak and Swagger: Engineers use plasmonics to create an unseen PHOTODETECTOR (Stanford University)

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