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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Science |

Investigate a molecule extracted from olive prevent HIV infection

Investigate a molecule extracted from olive prevent HIV infection

A powerful would be able to curb the sexual transmission of HIV, would be achieved from hydroxytyrosol , a natural antioxidant present in olive , according to research by Spanish scientists.

The hydroxytyrosol, which is found in high concentrations in leaves and smaller amounts in the extra virgin olive oil, has shown great power antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Taking this as a starting point, the Spanish scientists have developed a (by a method of chemical synthesis and enzymatic) with a purity that allows only do more with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of hydroxytyrosol.

Thus, the molecule has achieved a capacity different from the rest of antiviral microbicides: Instead of stopping the entry of the virus, acts by inhibiting their integration into the genes of an infected person. The scientists that the virus must be integrated in our genes to survive, which in turn makes it almost impossible to eradicate … But precisely what makes this drug is to prevent the virus is anchored in our bodies, which finally ends up dead.

Experiments conducted at the have obtained a rate of 100% efficacy in models in vitro and now, thanks to funding from the European Commission, the scientists responsible for this project will begin testing its use as a gel microbicide in primates.

While it is too early to declare victory, preliminary results are very encouraging: If the new phase of experimentation give positive results in the next two years, would be continued with the first human clinical trials, and estimated that it could begin to market within a maximum of five years.

The fact: Scientists in charge of the investigation clear: This is not a drug to cure AIDS, but a “barrier method” to prevent transmission.

Link: Spanish scientists prove a potent antioxidant olive tree as a “barrier” to prevent the spread of HIV (The Economist)

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