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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Science |

Investigate new method for cleaning up oil spills

Investigate new method for cleaning up oil spills

The last major ecological disaster caused by the BP still has serious consequences on the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico and, even though politicians and companies always promise it will never happen again, ending grave misfortunes happening here in Mexico has spills have become very common in rivers, lakes and other places where wildlife ends up paying the consequences.

For this, a group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) proposed a new method based on magnetism to remove oil from marine waters.

This method is based on known as ferrofluids magnetic fluids containing nano-magnets in suspension, pouring the these fluids are mixed and magnetized, making it much easier to drag r as water and oil are not , it is practically clean. Since then another process would be used to remove these fluids oil.

What the researchers propose is to use a kind of magnetic cylinders that would jump at the oil-water mixture, once inside, the oil would be forced up by the cylinder while the water would remain down, filled the cylinder can be opened by the top to get the black liquid with more powerful magnets.

The process has proven to be very efficient and less expensive, the only problem is that it takes a very controlled environment to do that, which means that before a storm, tropical depression or something, it would be difficult to achieve separation.

Definitely a breakthrough to reduce spills cause damage.

Link: Shell’s Arctic Venture Stalls while MIT Proposes New Oil Spill Clean-Up Concept (Clean Technica)

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