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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Economy |

Investors worried: Microsoft drops dramatically in the stock market

Investors worried: Microsoft drops dramatically in the stock market

October and November were important months for Microsoft. They released Windows Phone 8, the platform for next generation mobile. They began selling the Surface, its first tablet manufacturing itself. And more importantly, aired Windows 8 operating system aimed at launching a new generation of portable computers.

However, investors are not believing the promises made by the company, showing its confidence in the future profitability of the company by selling its shares on the NASDAQ. So, in October and November the share price falls has shown very strong.

In fact, the stock closed yesterday at $ 26.43 USD each, coming dangerously close to the lowest value reached in nearly five years, that is U.S. $ 25.29. This, considering that the average by moving the price is approximately $ 30.

What should the company do to reverse the situation? Will the new products presented sufficient? For here the and investments, the most important is the expectation in the medium and long term, so rather than rely on holiday sales to see immediate results, what matters is that investors believe that in the future, the strategy is solid. Only time will tell.

Link: Microsoft stock Continues to Slide as Investors Become Worried About Future (Neowin)

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