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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Internet |

Iran forbids banks to respond to people with email Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo

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Some time ago, Iran began to take measures aimed at regulating Internet use in the country. The final regulation provides instructions to banks, insurance firms and telecommunications companies that do not respond to emails sent from an e-mail from abroad.

The Ministry of Telecommunications ordered that only those addresses that correspond to Iran can be used, which means that Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail for example are not valid – for these institutions at least, and for its customers.

Those who want to contact your bank via e-mail will have to opt for domestic services terminated, and, while government organizations are limited to use or simply Go.

The universities are also covered by the change, being forced to use either or Go in the domains of your emails.

The ministry said the idea is to protect confidential information, charging that foreign suppliers of mail being collected private data from email accounts.

Thus, the above institutions should be changed to “national network”, raising suspicions that Iran wants to create their own closed Internet .

Link: Iran curbs foreign sourced email providers (AFP)

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