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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Internet |

Iran returns to allow the use of Gmail within the country

Iran returns to allow the use of Gmail within the country

(CC) Immigrant-time

lifted restrictions imposed a week ago in the search service and your mail client Gmail. These locks coincided with Google’s refusal to withdraw from the video “The innocence of Muslims”, which triggered strong protests across the Islamic world by showing performing many actions offensive to practitioners of that religion.

Mohammad Reza Miri, member of the committee to censor Iran’s telecommunications ministry, said that “Unfortunately, we do not have the technical knowledge to differentiate between these two services. Q ueríamos block YouTube (which is blocked in the country since 2009), and eventually affected Gmail, which was unintentional, “he said.

Reza Miri reiterated the country’s intention to keep blocked access to YouTube, saying that the ministry of telecommunications is looking for ways to block all video portal under the HTTPS protocol, but leaving available access to Gmail.

Link: Gmail access restored inside Iran (BBC News)

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