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Posted by on Jan 1, 2013 in Hardware News |

Is 2013 the last year of the netbooks?

Is 2013 the last year of the netbooks?

Since last year, has been rumored that the netbook market could disappear , rumor that has been gathering momentum with the elapse of months, thanks to various notebook like Lenovo , Samsung and Toshiba stopped making them.

Rumors about the death of are about to become a harsh reality for ASUS netbooks now discontinued from September this year, Acer temporarily leaving as the only manufacturer of netbooks industry, but although the company makes few month announced it would continue making netbooks , as new information will soon cease to manufacture because of low demand.

Apparently the tablets are gaining increasing popularity, displacing netbooks and take their place in the market , it is not surprising that both and are giving more emphasis to recent microprocessors to tablets (Cloverview and Hondo respectively).

Finally, on December 21 was not the end of the world, but 2013 could be the end of the world for notebooks. We’ll see how it evolves this new rumor fatal for netbooks.

Link: Netbooks to leave us at the turn of the year? (Hardware.Info)

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